pinkySqueak is the moniker for my solo music. A “pinkySqueak” is also a flatland BMX maneuver. A “squeak” is a type of trick. The guy that invented this type of squeak was nicknamed “pinky” (for a while).

The pinkysqueak is my favorite squeak of the squeaks!

It’s not even close to being as perverted as it sounds.

It’s embarrassing and crazy to me that it has been seven or eight years since I last recorded anything on my own outside of the Chef Menteur realm. These are probably my favorites, possibly ranked.



(it’s over eleven minutes, so just skip this one — i don’t even remember how i did this, but it features Spencer Moody spoken word all over it…)


“Aloha Amigo!”


“The Chamber of Ultimate Professionalism”
featuring mostly homemade instruments and keys/desk/floor as drums.

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