Three Short Stories

Two long-term pen pals thought that they should finally meet in person. They decided that they would meet for breakfast at a Denny’s just outside of Chicago, which was essentially equal distance for both.

They found each other in the parking lot, shook hands, complained about traffic, and then proceeded to the entrance of the restaurant. While opening the door, the one guy says to the other, “I LOVE Denny’s!”


Having eaten nearly seven ham sandwiches over the course of two hours, Tom Hanks reckoned he should change his clothes. While choosing a pair of khaki shorts, a pastel pink shirt and matching socks, he suddenly realized that he was late for a big meeting regarding his script for Joe vs. the Volcano II. “Oh NO!” he wailed as he rushed to get changed while the limo politely honked.


In a small bar, in a small town, there sat two ladies in green. They sipped their drinks and played some tunes while two men without eyebrows danced.

Such a cold, cold night, and far from anywhere; they drank and danced and drank.

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